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History of Gin

The origin of the name ‘Gin’ stems from its predominant
ingredient, ‘Juniper Berries’. From its first beginnings
in the Middle Ages, gin has evolved over several
centuries from a herbal medicine to source of enjoyment
all over the world. Gin was developed from the older
‘Jenever’ (Dutch gin) and became widely popular in
Great Britain when William of Orange, leader of the
Dutch Republic, occupied the British throne with his
wife Mary. It has been part of world history having
caused riots in London during the 18th century as the
so-called gin craze took hold. Gin was also involved in
Prohibition in America and has even played a part in
protecting the British Empire. Today, gin is popular
globally and the category includes a wide variety of gins
with different origins, styles and tastes. It is this richly
intense history and inherent variety within gin that
creates consumer excitement and enjoyment. 

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